Pumpkin Soup

400g of pumpkin (or squash / butternut squash)
300g of carrots
1 onion
1 large potato
1 tablespoon of low fat creme fraiche
A pinch of salt
A few fresh coriander leaves for decoration
Recipe :
Peel and rinse the pumpkin, carrots, potato and onion and then cut into large cubes. Cook for 15 minutes in 3 glasses of water in a pressure cooker (or for 25 minutes in boiling water in a saucepan).with a teaspoon of coarse salt and a dash of sugar.
Put the cooked vegetables in the blender and add water used to cook the vegetables – the quantity of water depends on the desired texture of the soup (i.e less water will give you a thicker soup). Add a tablespoon of cream : season to taste and add a few fresh coriander leaves just prior to serving.

This recipe contains (for portions of 250 ml) :

Quantity Proteins
Total 1.7  10.6  278.4   1.8
Total kJ  288.7   Total kcal 69.2   


A little anecdote :
Cousin of the courgette and the cucumber, symbol of Halloween, the ‘gourd‘ is not to be confused with the pumpkin. Both are Cucurbitacae – in other words, members of the Gourd family. They are both low in calories and rich in high quality fibres as well as potassium and carotene, which is an anti-oxidant. However the flesh of the pumpkin is sweeter and more tender. By the way, for Cinderellas carriage the Fairy Godmother uses neither one nor the other ; she uses ‘potimarron’ (a flat version of pumpkin).