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Diagnosis and Approach

 The first consultation includes:

  • a full nutritional assessment (BMI, study of body composition, food intake evaluation, compulsions, intolerances …)
  • drawing up a bespoke personal plan
  • handover of back up documentation (diet, recommended and contraindicated foods, general tips, referrals to a specialist if necessary…).

 Follow up

If a follow up is necessary, especially in case of overweight and eating disorders (anorexia, boulimia, “emotional eating”), :

=> A made to measure plan is set up to calibrate a diet according to specific results. Referrals to our team of specialists (psychologists, psychiatrists, gyneacologists, GPs, endocrinologists, gastro-enterologists …) can be organised if symptoms persist.

half hour (face-to-face or video) consultations enable us to adapt the plan according to results

daily monitoring by WhatsApp or email will help you put into place a healthy routine and support your efforts along the way

=> Lymphatic drainages available to fight water retention and cellulite and improve blood circulation (

=> Brazilian Lift  treatment = the Los Angeles non-invasive alternative to liposuccion with  no surgery and no pain. Infra red and radio frequency treatment of cellulite in association with cavitation and vacuum to empty fat cells and give to skin a smooth aspect. This painless method stimulates the production of collagen to tighten the skin and avoid possible flabby look.

Often associated with slimming care, pressotherapy is a tonic solution to water retention, with that sensation of heavy legs. When used long term, it can help cure cellulite.

More powerful than manual massaging, that therapeutic method helps venous blood flow back to the heart. It visibly improves that “orange peel” appearance, strengthens the legs and reduces the risk of varicose veins. Although not directly causing weight loss, it helps slim the silhouette and eliminate edema, swelling, and fatigue.

The sensation of heavy legs and the formation of cellulite dimples are often the result of poor blood circulation and water retention in the tissues. The compression of blood and lymphatic vessels causes discomfort and is often painful – even at night.

Pressotherapy is a pneumatic drainage that massages by alternating compressions and decompressions. By improving fluid flow, it helps eliminate waste and toxins. As the treatment progresses, cellulite dimples fade away. A sensation of lightness is immediate.

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