Back in Shape after a Baby

How to get your body confidence back after baby
Maternity is a magical adventure. If every woman has a different experience of pregnancy, of childbirth and of postnatal rehabilitation, every woman wants to be a fabulous yummy mummy ! None of them want to hear it’s going to take time to get their pre-baby body back ! Fortunately, 9 months up does not necessarily mean … 24 months down ! Women can come out of the pregnancy fog fit and beautiful.
Sos-Silhouette associates nutrition and cosmetics to boost energy, mood and weight-loss with the French touch !
– Nutrition : the most natural way to recover from child birth, rebuild strength and maintain energy levels in spite of sleep deprivation. Nutrition should be a pleasure not a source of stress. By following a bespoke programme that takes into account your lifestyle and your tastes, you can painlessly reach your personal objectives. For long lasting results, you need to change your metabolism and avoid drastic food restrictions that usually lead to compulsive attitude, deficiencies and the famous “yoyo effect” ;
– Lymphatic Drainages : gentle but powerful massages to fight water retention, improve blood circulation, flush away toxins and metabolic waste ;
– To tackle stubborn cellulite, the Brazilian Lift is the most advanced approach to retone the skin (especially after 9 months of stretching), avoid the flabby look and reshape targeted areas of the body in a non-invasive way.
Three solutions to get back into shape, get a sexy waistline, reduce the feeling of tiredness, and feel as glamourous as Princess Kate to enjoy blissful bonding with baby !
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