Lymphatic Drainage : Leg Confidence Regained !

Which one of you has not tried -as soon as the temperatures rise- to achieve that precious, perfectly polished look, that sexy silhouette in motion that Hollywood stars proudly and tirelessly display on red carpets ?! Under scandalous slits or micro mini-skirts celebrities around the World seize every opportunity to show their most amazing assets : their legs ! This summer, it is YOUR turn to steal the spotlight !
An excellent and non-invasive way to regain your ” leg confidence ” is lymphatic drainage therapy (LTD). Often classified as a slimming treatment, it fights water retention, swollen “heavy legs” and cellulite while reducing the risk of varicose veins.
Lymphatic drainage is a natural function of the body which plays an important part in immunity. It is a vascular network which naturally flushes away toxins and metabolic waste. If the system is not working properly fluids may build up within the tissues, lead to the compression of vessels and become painful (even at night).
While blood is pumped by the heart, the lymphatic system relies on the movements of the muscles. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy consists in pneumatic compressions that improve the flow of both the blood and the lymph in a gentle way but much more powerfully than a manual massage. It uses inflatable boots with compartments that fill up with air one after the other from the ankles moving up to the upper thighs. They then deflate at regular intervals for 30 minutes. The treatment is completely painless and the feeling of well-being is immediate. It usually induces a light sweating due to toxin elimination through the skin. A session will make you feel relaxed and as “light” as an astronaut on the Moon ! or as glamorous as Liza Minnelli in “Cabaret” !
Although it does not lead to direct weight loss, this treatment contributes to reshaping the body, reducing swelling and the feeling of tiredness. Long term, it improves the orange peel aspect of the skin and retones the legs.
This technique is highly recommended
– for anyone who suffers from leg pain (those who have to stand up all day or have bad blood circulation),
– in case of oedema and water retention (during periods or pregnancy),
– after long haul flights
– or if you wish to become a cancan girl at the Moulin Rouge !
Francine Joyce – nutrition and cosmetics with the French touch !
Published in “Families Magazine” – May 2016
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