How to stay slim in the land of fish and chips

English Breakfast

(…) British gastronomic traditions have sent shivers down the spine of generations of « froggies » … and moreover they still make them grow fat ! (…) Not easy, it seems, to stay slim on the English side of the Channel ! … in a country where courgettes are displayed in the « exotic products » section of the supermarket and where restaurants are capable of serving you potatoes with your pizza order !!

And yet we have to admit that some local specialities are irresistibly delicious : scones with clotted cream, chocolate cookies, trifle, the famous « fish & chips » …

Yet, take a look at our new future queen ? The Body Mass Index of Beautiful Princess Kate is without a doubt well below the acceptable level of 18 ! In fact, it is not that difficult to keep a sexy waistline here even with local specialities on your plate (…). So what is her secret ? (…) Very few expats have never tasted parsnips or butternut squash. Their apprehension is legitimate ! But, baked with a pinch of rosemary and a bit of olive oil they are delicious and healthy dishes.

To stay slim in London, you just need a bit of discipline and common sense ! You just have to stick to the rules of nutritional balance which have no frontiers and not neglect physical activity : the numerous London parks are an ideal environment to burn the calories and maintain the legendary image of  French women who are sexy from head to toe !!!

Extract from article in « Ici-Londres » N° July 2011