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French nutritionist in London who specialises in eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating, phobias …), weight management, cellulite treatments ; www.cellulite-treatment.co.uk and digestive issues. She will answer all questions about Nutrition : How to lose weight and not put it back on? How to lower my cholesterol levels? my blood pressure? Am I an “emotional eater” ? Is my daughter suffering from an eating disorder ? anorexia ? bulimia ? Can I eat sugar if I have diabetes? Should I see a specialist ? What should I eat before a sports competition? During my pregnancy? How should I wean my baby and reduce the risks of allergies and intolerances? How can I stop smoking without putting on weight? Will a lymphatic drainage help reduce water retention ? What can I eat with gluten intolerance? What are Omega 3? Antioxidants? …

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“I have worked with Francine over several years and the results we have achieved with our patients have been amazing especially with eating disorders, overweight. The diets she has recommended have helped the patients I referred to her, reduce their symptoms, regain control over their complusions, their risks of serious complications (relapse in anorexia, heart-attacks, strokes, relapses of Crohn’s etc…).
On a personal note, I have enjoyed working with such a professional and friendly colleague. I would wholeheartedly recommend Francine as a thorough, well-organised and meticulous dietician.”

Dr Kris

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I used to have high blood levels of triglycerides. My doctor insistently prescribed statines. I did not want to take them because of the numerous invalidating side effects. I consulted Mrs Joyce who changed some of my eating habits, particularly at breakfast. In less than a month my triglycerides levels came back to normal.

Lucie M

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